About the Trader 2.5 Proair

Founded by tech experts, crypto professionals and entrepreneurs, Trader 2.5 Proair was developed with a simple value proposition – to create an easy and hassle-free way to access crypto and Bitcoin.

The trading platform's high-quality and proprietary products and tools are built to empower individual traders, banks, and financial institutions with solutions like portfolio valuation, reporting, management, and strategy analysis and backtesting.

The Mission

Money matters and financial issues, such as crypto trading, are complicated. Whether it is transferring funds abroad or scaling your business — all have experienced how frustrating and fractured finances can get. That is why Trader 2.5 Proair is here.

The trading platform exists to eliminate all the friction and minimize the issues that make crypto trading and analysis challenging, especially for new traders.

The platform's team has developed a platform so effortless, borderless, and seamless that you'll not like to use another trading platform again. The team is relentlessly delivering better, faster, and smarter products and services.

The Team

The platform's team comprises experienced traders, coders, developers, and crypto professionals, all of whom are committed to offering the best possible trading and charting experience for users and traders of all skill levels.

The team at Trader 2.5 Proair has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the crypto market and the trading industry, allowing them to offer users amazing service and assistance.

Team Values


The team is committed to acting with integrity and honesty in all its dealings with users, partners, and traders.


The professionals at Trader 2.5 Proair are committed to educating users and traders, new and experienced, about the crypto market and helping them make suitable trading decisions.


The team is committed to being transparent and forthcoming with its users and traders about the platform, its fees, and security measures.